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The Takeout Times provides top local restaurants custom-designed, high-quality takeout/delivery menus in our localized entertainment booklets at no cost whatsoever. Sponsored by the local businesses in the community with article spotlights, the booklet also includes the takeout/delivery menu, trivia, jokes and interesting fun facts about your area.

Whether it be residential or business-driven, history has shown a high percentage of decision-making is concluded over a meal. In today's high-paced society, most families and businesses use lunch and dinner to discuss and make their daily decisions.

The Takeout Times full-color entertainment booklet is handed out with every takeout and delivery to retain topmost usefulness. We maximize results by showcasing your business, magnifying the status and complementing other marketing materials. In the past, the high cost of printing the menus fell on the individual restaurants causing them to order in large quantities. Due to the longer time between printing, restaurants could not adjust for adding/subtracting items from the menu, pricing adjustments or menu & design changes. To solve this problem, the booklets are published digitally and in smaller quantities to accommodate restaurant and advertiser’s changes. Because we design and publish every takeout/delivery menu, we maintain an emphasis on the sponsors to get the maximum attention. Our takeout/delivery menus are keepsakes, and they are kept by your clientele and put on the refrigerator or coffee table for future orders.

How it works

You receive a full-color display ad handed out with every delivery and takeout order at your cities participating restaurants for one full year. You work hand in hand with our design team to create a custom-designed ad. Whether it is a call to action with a special incentive or coupon, before and after pictures or designing your logo or building from scratch, you have to approve your artwork design before production.

The program also includes a 250-word article about your business that starts on the inside cover and ends on the back page. It is handed out in rotation with every delivery and takeout order at your cities participating restaurants for one full year. You work hand in hand with one of our in-house staff writers that will write your article. Most sponsors use the article to keep in contact with their current clients by thanking them for their business over the years. It’s also your opportunity to tell the community how you got started, what you specialize in and why you’re the best choice. You have to approve your article before production.

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“The Takeout Times, Don Mortiz, and the design team was wonderful to work with. They made everything so easy! Don Moritz was knowledgeable and humorous! I will definitely work with them again!!”

Debra Rashidi, Love Energy Healing

“They are gorgeous!”

-Mike Grimm, Freddy’s Just for The Halibut

“We like them a lot. They are simple and they fit the description. Great to hand out to customers.”

-Miles O’Donnell, Butterburr’s Restaurant

“They redid my logo and it is wonderful. The article was professionally done too. I highly recommend”

-Katrine Mathiesen

“They are great, our customers enjoy them. It is really nice to actually have a paper menu to hand out with our orders.”

David Look, Hop-N-Grape

“My husband owns and operates his own restaurant. I have my own real estate company and take my clients there from time to time, to close. I saw these booklets when I was in there last. They had a story about him on the cover with his restaurants artwork and they even had the menu on the inside. I asked how much he paid for these. When he told me they were free, I got on here to write this review. They look outstanding!”

-Ariah Parsons

“Beautiful, well over what I was expecting, great booklet, loved it.”

-Richard Castillo, Lago Azul Mexican Restaurant

“These are great. We just had a whole bunch of apartment complexes pop up and we are handing them out there as well.”

-Jonathan Gorea, Metro Diner

“They are fantastic, our customers love them”

Stacy Gossman, Big Fellas Bar And Grill

“I just started a Landscaping company 2 years ago, I was wondering about ways to advertise since the virus thing happened. I got a call from Phil and he was very good at his job. Being on the takeout menus seems like a good idea right now. I decided to try it and it has been nothing but great so far.”

-Timothy Grieg

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