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We offer a Sponsorship Program for local businesses to strengthen their community presence and maintain connections with current clients through our Restaurant Elite Program. This program helps top, locally-owned restaurants enhance their takeout and delivery business by including custom-designed takeout menus in our localized entertainment booklets, which the restaurant includes with every takeout and delivery order.

Our booklets effectively reach residential and business audiences within your community, kept in homes, cars, and business break rooms. Our booklets influence decision-making during meals, especially in today's fast-paced society, where many families, owners, and management use breakfast, lunch and dinner to discuss and make important decisions.

To ensure our service is as effective as possible, we focus on promoting your business and enhancing your reputation. Depending on the size of your city, each participating restaurant will distribute 10,000 to over 100,000 menus annually.
In the past, restaurants had to bear the cost of printing menus, which prompted them to order large quantities, meaning they had to wait long periods to update their menus or rework the design.
To solve this problem, we offer smaller, easily updated print runs to reflect changes made by restaurants and advertisers, allowing more flexibility in managing their menus and marketing efforts.

How it works

Keep your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind with a full-color display ad in every booklet for an entire year. Our design team will create a custom ad specifically for you, including any special offer, coupon, before and after images, and even a logo design if needed. You will have the chance to review and approve the artwork before it is finalized.

As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to showcase your business in a professionally written article (up to 250 words) in the booklet. This article will be rotated with others, allowing you to share information about your business, products or services, as well as your company's mission, values, and philanthropic efforts.

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“The Takeout Times, Don Mortiz, and the design team was wonderful to work with. They made everything so easy! Don Moritz was knowledgeable and humorous! I will definitely work with them again!!”

Debra Rashidi, Love Energy Healing

“They are gorgeous!”

-Mike Grimm, Freddy’s Just for The Halibut

“We like them a lot. They are simple and they fit the description. Great to hand out to customers.”

-Miles O’Donnell, Butterburr’s Restaurant

“They redid my logo and it is wonderful. The article was professionally done too. I highly recommend”

-Katrine Mathiesen

“They are great, our customers enjoy them. It is really nice to actually have a paper menu to hand out with our orders.”

David Look, Hop-N-Grape

“My husband owns and operates his own restaurant. I have my own real estate company and take my clients there from time to time, to close. I saw these booklets when I was in there last. They had a story about him on the cover with his restaurants artwork and they even had the menu on the inside. I asked how much he paid for these. When he told me they were free, I got on here to write this review. They look outstanding!”

-Ariah Parsons

“Beautiful, well over what I was expecting, great booklet, loved it.”

-Richard Castillo, Lago Azul Mexican Restaurant

“These are great. We just had a whole bunch of apartment complexes pop up and we are handing them out there as well.”

-Jonathan Gorea, Metro Diner

“They are fantastic, our customers love them”

Stacy Gossman, Big Fellas Bar And Grill

“I just started a Landscaping company 2 years ago, I was wondering about ways to advertise since the virus thing happened. I got a call from Phil and he was very good at his job. Being on the takeout menus seems like a good idea right now. I decided to try it and it has been nothing but great so far.”

-Timothy Grieg

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